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Why havnt you updated the game on porngameshub. It seems like there is a lot of people waiting to playing the game :)


porngameshub is a pirate site.

Westy doesn't update it there, they pirate the game and update it themselves.

If you want to have the game legit, then play it from here or Subscribestar:

0.4.6 is free, so you can download it right now and play it.

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Wow, thanks for putting the days on the locked replay scenes, that really helped me know which routes to take and if i had actually missed something. I don't think i've seen any other devs do something like that before.

btw, how many days do you think the game will have by the time you've released the final version?

and also, i like that x-mas special, too bad Samantha wasn't in it though.

Getting this exception in 0.4.6 after going to sleep with Haley and the screen fading to black.

File "game/Day_4.rpy", line 176, in <module>
NameError: name 'sam' is not defined
I'm not sure exactly which choices I've taken on my current playthrough if that matters, but if this 'sam' is some variable that only gets defined if you get involved with Samantha, then that might potentially be the reason, since I'm currently not playing a "route" involving her.

I've forwarded the issue onto the guys on Discord and they'll take a look at it, hopefully will be fixed in the next update.

Nice update Westy, way to keep the interest going. love the Samantha/Ashley scene. Keep up the amazing work.

Hi, sorry for my bad english.
But what is new in version 4.6 compared to that of 4.5?
Thank you very much and good luck to the devs (if you are more than one), you are doing a good job
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Bug fixes and 5 Animations. (Haley, Zoe, Ryley in day 4. Jessica in day 5.)

Oh ok thanks so much, and I guess the next update will be in 1 month?

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Westy wrote on Discord that he's aiming for around early to mid march for the next update

OK thanks a lot !
Tell him not to overwork himself, take breaks etc.
Unfortunately I can't pay for his work, since I'm a student and it's a bit hot for me (French country is very bad for students)
But I promise I'll play all of her games and post positive reviews!

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When Come. 0.4.6 out here

In about 24 hours once it's free

Hello and thanks for the great game. Please can you explain what's the difference between the normal download and the gallery version? And if it's the first time I download galleyìry version will the previous saveings still be available in my game?

Thanks a lot

Sorry for the question: I scrolled down and found a similar question and answer. So I beleive that old version savings will not work with gallery version. Is that so?

Hey mate. It depends on how old your saves are. There are problems with saves from before day 3. But if you have made saves from the last 2 updates then you will be fine.

Also the gallery has 45 extra images you unlock by playing through the game. So you would need to play through the game again anyway to unlock the images. Unless you get the mod from shaddy on f95 or my discord. It unlocks the images for you. And it's free.

Hope this answers you questions. 

Thanks for the kind answer, I might try...

Im from latin america and i really loved this game, even in english i understood everything.

 i cant wait to play it again with more days included in future versions of this game.

If the developer needs help for translate the game to spanish lenguage i can offer my help for free.

If I want to download, it tells me there are no downloads yet. 

Is the problem with me or others aswell

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I assume that you've bought PF before and you're clicking the Download link at the top of the page (the grey button)( or the orange button and selecting "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"), which would return the message: "Nothing is available for download yet."

The grey download link is there only for the version that you've bought (not newer versions)and the orange download link (with "no thanks") is for previous free builds and as Westy has removed the old version(s) it comes up with that error.

You can still get version 0.4.1 from Subscribestar for free here:

If you want early access to the newest version, then you'll need to pay again (paying again for early access to newer versions is intended) or you can wait till the 26th for it to be free.

On day 5 (after saving Zoe on day 4), going to work causes a loop that leads to the Too Late for Zoe path from day 4 even though she's already living in my house and going to school with Haley again

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Does 0.4.5 include day 5? And how many days do you think you'll do? And I have to re download it for each update right? (that's all lol sorry I'm new to this) 

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0.4.5 contains half of Day 5 (403 images), the rest of Day 5 should be out in a few weeks.

Usually when the version number ends with .5 it means it's half the day

Also Yes, you have to redownload the game for each update

Ok thanks good to know. One last thing, for real this time(I hope), what would be an example of a render I would get if I bought the gallery version, would it be something small like a change in facial expression or something big like a change in body position, I see that it says nothing story related but I still think it could be worth it but I'm still skeptical. I'm a broke college student so I don't wanna just spend money without knowing anything much about what I'm getting.  Thanks for being helpful and sorry for asking so many questions, just tryna be informed. 

All that aside this is definitely the best visual novel I've seen, no complaints here lol keep up the great work, looking forward to future content. 


I suppose it would be more of a change of body position within a scene (and then some)

An example is when you take Zoes V on day 4, the scene is standing up, but in the gallery you're both on a bed

The Valentine gallery is not related to the story and has some very lewd images

Great Update! Different options are always welcome!

Found some bugs in V0.4.5:
- In the Xmas dream, the MC always calls his younger daughter "Hayley" even when given a different name by the player, and her default name is "Haley".

- While playing V0.4.5 I got this error message:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/Day_4.rpy", line 176, in <module>
NameError: name 'sam' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "Day_4.rpyc", line 176, in script
  File "E:\Games\Proud_Father-0.1-pc\Proud_Father-0.4.5-pc\renpy\", line 1832, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "E:\Games\Proud_Father-0.1-pc\Proud_Father-0.4.5-pc\renpy\", line 2059, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
  File "E:\Games\Proud_Father-0.1-pc\Proud_Father-0.4.5-pc\renpy\", line 2052, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
  File "game/Day_4.rpy", line 176, in <module>
NameError: name 'sam' is not defined

Tue Feb 16 22:35:07 2021

Might be best to report this in the Bugs channel on Discord:

I'll do that. Thanks for the heads up!

In case you missed Westy's response on Discord:

Thanks! I have just read it on Discord.

Deleted 16 days ago
Deleted 16 days ago

so what exactly is the difference between the $10 and $20 option. i know $20 includes a gallery, but what type of gallery, is it one where you unlock scenes in-game and it gets added to the gallery? or is it one where there's scenes cut from the original game?

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Game-play wise, there is no difference between the two versions, you get the same story in both versions.

The only difference is that the (g) version has a gallery that contains unique renders that are not in the standard version.

The gallery contains 36 unique renders that you unlock while playing the game (9 per day)

This update also has an additional 9 unique renders for Valentine's day (which means there are a total of 45 unique renders in this update) 988 MB
if you pay $20 USD or more

is this the gallery file?

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The "g" after the version number stands for "gallery" (0.4.5g)

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will there be anything about valentine's day?

The $20 gallery version contains a Valentines day update which has 9 unique renders

Its not downloading for me, i tried deleting the game and downloading the new one but it says if i want to download an update for the existing app but i already got rid of it.....what do i do??

Will there be a difference if you choose to go to work vs checking on Zoe during day 4, or will both paths end up in the same place?

When Ive played and not checked on Zoe it pretty much ends her storyline

Any news on next free update 

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Well the next free update will be 10 days after the initial release, so IF the update was to release tomorrow (15th), then you would need to wait till the 25th for it to be free

Game will be free on Feb 26th

Any news when new update is likely to be. I've enjoyed this game and can't wait to see how it plays out.

News on the update is posted below and in Subscribestar  and Discord.

Unable to play Haley Replay #6, Playing v0.4.1.

Any help?


It's bugged and will be fixed in 0.5

Please tell me there is a scene with Jessica next update

VR port, UWU? Nah jk... unless?

Im having trouble getting the first other replay scene could someone help me? ive also been using the walk through to no avail

Could You Plz Provide The Walkthrough ?


Go to settings, there is a walkthrough option there

how long must i wait for the next update... i like this game

0.5 should be ready for mid Feb

thx i can't wait to long

today is the middle of Feb. i hope this day or tomorrow come the next update


You shouldn't have to wait much longer ;)

4.1 crashes immediately when I open it. Does anyone know why and how to fix

Crashes for me too...


Not going to lie, very good content.  Was quite disappointed when the game ended so suddenly.  Will be watching for updates


I really enjoyed this more than I thought I would, can't wait for updates to this

Fantastic game, can I know how often you leave updates?

About monthly. Use Subscribestar or Discord to get information on updates.

Do you know what the day it is published?

Wait what the frick? This game had an update 9 days ago?!?!? How didiI missed that?


how is is that i managed to miss this update for a week? be fuckin' with my notifications feed.

great game as always, i always look forward to updates from y'all. i'm always looking forward to any updates.

i'm kinda sad that day 4 had a major missable moment, where you had to choose to either go to work or visit Zoe, both choices lead to you missing out on an important sub-characters storyline. Obviously i made saves before every sex scene, so i was easily able to go back and see the alt scene. but it's be cool if you could visit the alternate scene on the following day.

also, some bug reports: some scenes aren't being shown in the replay gallery, alex's (the black haired office lady) blowjob scene isn't appearing in my replay, despite me getting the replay unlocked notification. same with the first 2 Haley scenes.

i'm not sure about the 3rd Zoe scene though, could just be me missing the scene despite having walkthrough enabled

Also, it'd be great if players are notified that choosing to either go to work or visit Zoe on day 4 is an important decision that locks off content. because the choice seems unimportant with the text having the basic white and not the green or red of the good or bad choices in walkthrough mode.

Can you please upload an uncompressed version for androids.

Why the android version is only 190 mb and every pic is like compressed and low quality? 


The Ren'Py games are often Linux compatible, why it's not the case here?

Will there be a gallery for the 4.1 version or will we have to wait until 5.0?

The gallery version is available to $20 and $40 subs on SS:

And if I paid $20 here and was able to download the 4.0g version but would love patched the 4.1g version?

Can you message me on discord? And I'll give you a link.

Westy, i'm a writer. I have published 18 books. Would you be interested in evaluating other erotic stories to turn into a video game? Let me know thanks. You are very good: I love "proud father"

there is no link


Westy, great game!!  Its almost as if you read my mind when it comes to Zoe and her latest scene!!!  Although I was envisioning the GS type stuff with both Zoe and her best friend, but still awesome!!  Now, let's see if you can read my mind about Jessica!  Or I could leave a hint....?  Make her a squirter, please!!!  lol.  good game, and reading below comments, I too have run into issues with the 0.4g where certain areas/replays do freeze-up or go to the gray screen.  I take it 0.4.1 is the bug fix?  Great game, keep up the great work!!

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