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Hey guys. Next update will be December sometime. I'll have a date when I'm closer to having it finished. I always aim to update each month with a minimum 300 renders. in the future when I'm working on this full time and have a better computer I'll try to release bigger updates. Thanks guys, Westy

any idea if next one will be be another half day or abit bigger in size?

Hey there. Not sure yet sorry. Will know more closer to release.

Thank you ❤

when will day 4 be out

Can't select or use any of the scenes for haley

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Thank you for the new update 😊

Now it's time to wait for the next update. Thank you for the few nice minutes.

When would be released the uncensored version for 0.3?

Is there any certain system requirements for Android? I've tried installing it with two separate downloads but it keeps saying "App not installed" Kinda lost rn...

I got that myself when my phone was running low on space. Otherwise I'm not sure sorry. I haven't had anyone else report a problem as of yet.

Could you give us some little spoilers or hints for the next update :)?

There was an update today (Nov 20th)

I bought v3 when it first was released I'm talking bout version 4 homi

When will new content be added? Also is there more content for the niece that i havent found or is the brief phone call the only thing so far?

New content? I assume you mean update? next month sometime. And yes, the phone call with the niece is all there is of her so far.


Hey when will be free the 0.3 for windows?

Hi there. On the 20th.

Hi When will v3 be free on android?

On the 20th mate.

It’s getting really good so far. Keep up the work!

How do I update the game on Android?

Hey there. I'm not 100% on this but, You should just have to download new update and delete old one and that's it. You don't update the old app. Hope this helps.


I like the game so far


yes take the time you need this is awesome 


Its here!


How long till new update

New release will be free or for subscribers first?

... lurking...


Holy s#!t I cannot wait for the update!


Mee too


I just can't wait.

How long till it is out


The waiting is a torture.

part 2 is release yet or not?

Not yet but very soon.

Hey idk if it’s just me but after I use Jessica’s computer I can’t back out of the room

Which version are you using. 0.2.6 fixed a few of these bugs. Try clicking around the screen then clicking the back button. Hope that helps.

Don't explore, it will let you into every room linearly eventually.

Sehr sehr gutes Spiel. Bin gespannt wie es weiter geht.

Plz Tell Me The Date Of Part 2 Plz


About 2 or 3 days mate.

will the next update be bigger then the last one?\

No sorry. It's the rest of day 3. The update after will be a lot bigger but will take time to make.

any idea on the wait time for next release?


So there is a chance that it is available before the weekend?

When will the part 2 come ?

I'm still having trouble exiting where you're  exploring the house on the first Sunday

Sorry for the late reply mate. once you find the phone in Ashley's room you can then click on Haley's door and continue the story.

I really appreciate the help and the game is wonderful thank you thank you thank you

what is the diference between 0.2.5 and 0.2.6 because if played 0.2.5 but if they are different ill play 0.2.6 to

Just fixed a few bugs and added option to skip free roam section of the game. No new content.

I made a review a while back but it was cringey and long, so I'll just say this game is amazing and I'll follow it's development.

It's long again...

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Thanks mate. I hope future updates can continue to please XD

Thank you so much! I'll let you know when the update is ready.

Hey pretty nice game i will like to say, hope the next update its not that far away.


I hoping I'll have the next update ready in about a week.

Hey thats nice, i hope so to

Hello I made a Polish translation of the game, but on f95 there is no longer a thread.

Good game looking forward to more.

Hey mate. The thread will be back up when I bring out next update in a couple weeks time.

Good but short game

when will part 2 come out?

Bro, I'm not going to lie. This is without a doubt the BEST game I've played in a long time. I usually wait to just the downloads for free, but I'm more than happy to pay for this one! Keep it up man because you're killing it!

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any idea when day 3 part 2 is coming?
Weeks feel likes months when it comes to this game lol

No release time as of yet sorry mate. I'm working on it though, When part 2 is close to finished I'll have a date.

Deleted 2 years ago

You can download it for free now. XD


This game is really cute. I'm ready for more.
In the screenshots the game looks a little dark but when you play it, it's fine.

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